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Dr. med. univ. Schellmann

Mobilität bedeutet für alle Unabhängigkeit, Freiheit und Lebensfreude. Die schmerzfreie Beweglichkeit der Gelenke ist eine wesentliche Voraussetzung für unser aktives Handeln in Beruf und Freizeit.

Orthopedic measures

Foot surgery

Hallux valgus, hammer toes, heel pain that can no longer be treated orthopedically require corrective surgery.

Shock wave therapy

The shock wave has been used to treat tendon problems for years. With the Piezowave II Plus 60 - a focused ESWT device with great penetration depth - tendons, trigger points and fractures that heal poorly can be treated.

Leg Extension - Axis Correction

Correction of leg length differences, axis and rotation errors can be carried out unilaterally or by means of callus distraction.

Osteoarthritis therapy

Joint diagnostics, lifestyle advice, medicinal joint therapy, surgical therapy, orthopedic technical supplies

ACP (r) therapy

ACP (r) - autologous conditioned plasma: growth factors of the own blood are used for the regenerative therapy of cartilage damage (arthrosis), tendon diseases and muscle injuries.