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Knee arthroplasty joint replacement
Knee arthroplasty joint replacement

Knee osteoarthritis and knee pain can be successfully treated by implanting total knee prostheses and half-sled prostheses after all joint-preserving measures have been exhausted. The Attune® and Vanguard (r) knee endoprosthesis system is primarily used.

Hypoallergenic systems (ACS knee system from Implantcast®) are available. Individualized planning using MRT-based planning is used if necessary. Revision operations up to a total thigh replacement are carried out.

The endoprosthesis is fixed to the bone using a cemented and cement-free technique.

Antioxidants added to the polyethylene (Attune knee) prevent the polyethylene from aging and thus enable a long service life.

Misalignments such as O legs or X legs cause uneven strain on the knees and thus premature wear (osteoarthritis). If the damage is very pronounced and painful, the implantation of an endoprosthesis offers the possibility of relieving pain and regaining mobility. The leg axis is restored.

Loosened knee endoprostheses, massive misalignments and destroyed ligament structures can be restored using revision knee systems. The possibilities range up to a total bony thigh replacement. That means a coupling of knee and hip endoprosthesis.