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Biography Dr. med. Karl Schellmann

1964: born in Wels

1970-74: Elementary school Traunkirchen

1982: Graduation BRG Gmunden

1988: Doctorate at the UNIVERSITY (medical faculty) as a doctor of general medicine

1989-93: Training as a general practitioner at the LKH Vöcklabruck and LKH Gmundnerberg

1993-1997: Training as a specialist in orthopedics and orthopedic surgery at the LKH Kirchdorf

1998-2000: Senior physician at the LKH Kirchdorf, orthopedic department

since 1999: private surgery in Gmunden

2000-2006: Deputy head of the orthopedic department at the LKH Kirchdorf

2002-2011: Private surgery in Kirchdorf

2006: Change to the orthopedic department of the LKH Gmundens, deputy in the surgical area

2023: Standortleiter Orthopädie

Marital status:
married with two children

Courses and diplomas
-ÖÄK diploma for sports medicine

-ÖÄK diploma for manual medicine

-Course in manual medicine according to Cyriax

-Courses in acupuncture

-Surgical courses

Excerpt from completed surgical courses
- Knee endoprosthesis course: Schulthess Clinic Zurich (Prof. Munzinger)

-Minimally invasive half-slide endoprosthetics on the knee (Oxford)

-Ilizarov and Spatialframe course basic and advanced (Vienna)

- Intramedullary nail extension course (Verona; internship at the University Clinic Münster)

-Course in arthroscopic meniscus and cruciate ligament surgery (University Hospital Graz, Vienna)

Hip sonography course (Prof. Graf, KH Stolzapl)

-Shoulder sonography courses (KH Stolzaple)

-Shoulder surgery courses open and arthroscopic (UNI Clinic Innsbruck)

-Shoulder endoprosthesis course (UNI Vienna)

- Hip endoprosthesis course (Prof. Zweymüller, Vienna)

-Hand surgery course basic and advanced (Prof. Bvhler, Vienna)

-Wrist surgery course (Vienna)

-Foot surgery courses (Munich, University of Innsbruck)

-Courses in minimally invasive hip replacement (Paris, Innsbruck) - start with minimally invasive
hip replacement June 2004

-Instructor in AMIS (r) - minimally invasive hip implantation technique